Good Boy – Frightfest 2023 Review

By Naomi Roper

Sigrid (Katrine Lovise Øpstad Fredrikse) thinks she’s met the perfect match with the charming, handsome (and filthy rich) Christian (Gard Løkke, Netflix’s Troll) on a dating app. But after going to his house Sigrid realises there is a catch. Christian lives with his dog. Only his dog isn’t a canine but a man in a fur suit who acts like his pet dog. At this point, Sigrid says “F**k this”, calls herself an Uber and goes home to watch Netflix and order Norway’s equivalent of Nandos. Oh no, wait she doesn’t because Sigrid trying to be open-minded and having ZERO SENSE OF SELF-PRESERVATION SIGRID YOU IDIOT, decides to continue the relationship.

Where do you even start with a film that the phrase “What the fuck?” was invented for? Short, sharp and very, very nasty Good Boy is a hilariously dark commentary on modern dating. Written and directed by Viljar Bøe (who also directed the criminally underseen To Freddy which sadly doesn’t appear to be on any digital platform at all in the UK) it’s the sort of film that makes you leave with your jaw gaping floored at its audacity.

Sigrid (a fun performance from Fredrikse) is not exactly a prize catch. She’s unacceptably late to her first date with Christian, frequently ignores him to play with her phone and is way too easily swayed by his (admittedly ridiculously handsome) looks and his money (Christian is a multi-millionaire courtesy of his parents’ demise). Whereas Christian (a very suave Løkke) seems to be Prince Charming but looks can be deceiving and when things take a turn oh my friends do they take a turn…

Gleefully perverse, utterly fucked up and possibly the darkest black comedy ever seen Good Boy is viciously, horrifyingly brilliant.

Good Boy premiered in the UK at Frightfest and is being released on digital by Blue Finch Films Releasing in the UK on 11 September.